National Clean Energy Local Content Summit Announces Host City Locations New Rochelle, NY (2024) and Newark, NJ (2025)


New Rochelle, NY — is pleased to unveil the host cities for the upcoming editions of the National Clean Energy Local Content Summit. In 2024, the summit will take place in the vibrant city of New Rochelle, NY on February 20 – 21, 2024, followed by Newark, NJ, as the host city February 18 – 19, 2025. This strategic selection underscores the commitment to fostering strong regional local content practices and collaboration for an equitable clean energy transition.

The National Clean Energy Local Content Summit has emerged as a pivotal platform for industry leaders, policymakers, and stakeholders to share insights, experiences, and best practices in meeting local content requirements from the broader lens of ratepayers and underrepresented populations. Local Content or better known as Local Content Requirements (LCR) are public or private polices that require the utilization of local goods, services, workforce, and community benefit investments within infrastructure development projects. These infrastructure sectors include offshore wind, maritime/ports, manufacturing, and commercial real estate to name a few. Climate change laws across the U.S. have local content requirements in the areas of economic development, workforce development, community benefit Investments, stakeholder engagement, and environmental justice. Without meaningful and measurable local content deployment, organizations cannot be awarded or can even lose clean energy contracts and grants.

Key Highlights of the Summit:

  1. Economic Development: Attendees will gain valuable insights into how clean energy initiatives can drive economic growth, create jobs, and stimulate local economies. The summit will showcase successful case studies and strategies for leveraging clean energy for sustainable economic development.
  2. Workforce Development: A key aspect of the summit will be dedicated to addressing the skills and training needed for the workforce to thrive in the clean energy sector. Discussions, workshops, and training sessions will explore ways to build a skilled and diverse workforce that can meet the demands of the evolving clean energy landscape.
  3. Community Benefit Investments: The summit will highlight innovative approaches to community benefit investments, ensuring that the positive impacts of clean energy projects are felt at the local level. Speakers and panelists will share experiences on fostering community partnerships and maximizing the social benefits of clean energy initiatives.
  4. Stakeholder Engagement: Engaging with local communities and stakeholders is paramount to the success of clean energy projects. The summit will provide a platform for discussions on effective stakeholder engagement strategies, fostering collaboration, transparency, and trust.

“We are excited to bring the National Clean Energy Local Content Summit to New Rochelle, NY, in 2024 and Newark, NJ, in 2025. Every community has a seat at the table when local content is executed authentically between all communities and industry together,” said Local Clean Energy Local Content Summit Committee Co-Chairs Dwayne R. Wilkins (CEO, The Wilkinz Group) and Robin Tabakin (President, Technoforce). “We aim to continue to catalyze positive change and empower all communities to thrive in the clean energy transition.”

Clean Energy Local Content Summit agenda includes:

Day 1

  • Local Content FAM Tour: Environmental Justice
  • Clean Energy Youth Winter Break Clinic / Sports Power Clean Energy
  • Virtual Supplier Forum + Job Fair
  • Continuing Conversations Opening Reception

Day 2

  • National Clean Energy Local Content Summit
    • Economic Development: Supplier Diversity, and Manufacturing
    • Workforce Development: Traditional and Untraditional Pathways/Wraparound Services
    • Communications: Public Affairs, Marketing, and Social Media
    • Business Development: Contracts, Grants, Procurement, and Certifications
    • Stakeholder Engagement

Every summit ticket and sponsorship provides free and reduced capacity-building scholarships for local small/diverse businesses and on-site child care for working parents in New Rochelle and for summit attendees. For more information about the National Clean Energy Local Content Summit, visit


About is a bespoke platform that provides the measurement, reporting, and compliance of the utilization of local goods, services, workforce, community benefit investments, and stakeholder engagement for infrastructure industries. is home of the Local Content Certification that provides responsive and transparent local content reporting for both local residents and regulators.


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