National Clean Energy Local Content Summit

The National Clean Energy Local Content Summit provides a comprehensive main-stage focus on the advanced utilization of local goods, services, workforce, community benefit investments, and stakeholder engagement within the clean energy industry. Summit attendees will receive exclusive insights from experts and industry connections to meet requirements in:

  • Climate Change Laws
  • Economic and Workforce Development
  • Environmental Justice and Underrepresented Communities
  • Supply Chain/Supplier Diversity
  • Stakeholder Engagement

Join us as we are Engineering Equity For All ™  to ensure a just and equitable clean energy transition.


We look forward to hosting our 2025 Clean Energy Local Content Summit on February 20 – 21, 2025, in Brooklyn, NYC!

Day 1: Local Content FAM Bus Tour

  • Staten Island
  • Queens
  • Brooklyn

Day 2: Clean Energy Local Content Summit

  • Brooklyn (Location will be announced April 2024)
  • In 2025, we are excited to bring to development project stakeholders our Local Content Commitments & Compliance Corner. Beyond panel discussions and networking at our events , regulators and local stakeholders need to see meaningful and measurable local content efforts become a reality. Leaders of industry will be able to showcase their local content efforts during our signature events in addition to a 4 week digital campaign immediately after our

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