Best of Local Content Awards

The Best of Local Content Awards, presented by, celebrates the Best of Local Content development compliance across industries. If you are involved in development projects that contain local content requirements (LCR) that require the use of small/diverse businesses, job creation, and community benefit investments, this is the platform to showcase your success, gain industry-wide recognition, and provide elevated compliance reporting for your regulators/stakeholders.

The Best of Local Content Awards offer an opportunity to highlight your professional contributions within your industry and provide tangible public proof of how you are improving the quality of life for your local stakeholders.’s awards bring together the industry’s top decision-makers to meet, connect with, and celebrate the best people and companies leading local content efforts.

Why Are These Awards Important?

Our awards program is powered by the same stakeholders that local content regulations are built to benefit from through our public voting period. This level of engagement only increases your organization’s current and future development efforts. Accessing public contracts and funding, tax incentives, and stakeholder buy-in requires a commitment to measuring and publicly reporting your local content efforts.

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