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Sports Powers Clean Energy powers an equitable clean energy transition by leveraging sports’ influence to create workforce and small business opportunity pathways for all. Sports and entertainment have long stood as pillars of popular culture, captivating worldwide audiences of all ages. Especially appealing to youth, sports, and entertainment provide leisure activities while eliciting ambition and aspirations for the future. Similarly, adults remain drawn to sports and entertainment as recreation, a means of relaxation, socializing, and personal development. While maintaining demanding work-life schedules, many adults volunteer as coaches to stay connected to their love of sports.

Sports/Music Powers Clean Energy dynamically addresses several key Quality of Life Indicators (QLI): career, education, health, civic engagement, culture, and leisure. By addressing ratepayers’ quality of life, we build an ecosystem of support for a just, clean energy transition for all.

Brand Ambassadors Joining our Brand Ambassador Program means becoming part of a dynamic network of like-minded individuals who share a common goal of promoting sustainability through sports. Together, we can create a greener and more resilient future while enjoying the thrill of sports and building a stronger community bonded by a passion for clean energy


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