Vineyard Wind 1 Fisheries Compensatory Mitigation Program


The Vineyard Wind 1 fisheries compensatory mitigation program was created to provide fair, equitable compensation to commercial fishing vessels/operators for economic losses attributable to Vineyard Wind 1’s construction, operations, and decommissioning activities. Compensation may also be available to shoreside businesses in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

To receive compensation, commercial fishing vessel owners/operators must first qualify for the program during a 90-day eligibility period. Annual compensation payments will begin to be issued to eligible applicants after they qualify. A separate eligibility period will be available for shoreside businesses in Massachusetts and Rhode Island once the eligibility period for commercial fishing vessel owners/operators closes. Potentially eligible shoreside businesses in Massachusetts and Rhode Island will be contacted by the program’s third-party administrator and invited to apply for the program.

Deadline for applications is June 3,2024


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