US Offshore Announces New Corporate Offices in the City of Burlington, NJ: Bringing Consortium of Economic, Workforce, and Community Development Organizations to Service New Jersey Stakeholders.


US Offshore, a leader in marine and subsea cable services, proudly announces the establishment of their new corporate offices in Burlington, NJ. This strategic move underscores the firm’s commitment to fostering sustainable development and ensuring local communities reap the benefits of transformative infrastructure industries. 

“It’s an exciting time to be in New Jersey and we are so grateful for the welcome we have received from the people of the City of Burlington,” shared Monica St Claire, CEO of US Offshore. “We’re proud to be partnering with this community and such dedicated nonprofit and industry partners on this initiative to expand the reach and impact of the growing economic development opportunities in New Jersey, especially those linked to the clean energy sectors that we service.”

Burlington, NJ is strategically located along the Delaware River, boasts a rich history dating back to colonial times, creating a unique blend of historic charm and modern vitality. The city’s extensive transportation infrastructure includes proximity to major highways, rail networks and ongoing modernization plans to meet the needs of the county’s expanding population.  Burlington has a diverse economic landscape; with an ideal location between Trenton, Camden, and Philadelphia, this region of South Jersey offers a tremendous talent pool of employment prospects and businesses to service industries such as offshore wind, maritime, manufacturing, construction, hospitality, and tourism across New Jersey.

As part of US Offshore’s ecosystem of businesses and industry partners, US Offshore’s City of Burlington office will also serve as an exchange of resources aimed at enhancing workforce opportunities, promoting small business contracts, and steering community benefit investments from key sectors to improve the quality of life for New Jersey residents.  Their partners helping to advance these efforts are:

  • an infrastructure measurement, reporting and compliance firm primarily focused on ensuring the use of local goods, services, workforce, and community benefit investments within large scale infrastructure sectors such as offshore wind, construction, and manufacturing.

  • Spin The Yard Foundation: a social services and community development nonprofit that provides wraparound services for youth and adults.

Current efforts led by this consortium include:

US Offshore Pathways Fund / GWO Certifiable Virtual Reality Training Software

The fund provides community benefit investment grants focused on deploying initiatives that increase clean energy awareness and access to workforce development pathways. Current offerings include Offshore Wind (OSW) virtual reality (VR) training and immersion programs in collaboration with Kanda’s GWO-certifiable VR platform, and clean energy workforce awareness trainings.

Workforce Recruitment, Training and Placement

Employment creation efforts that support New Jersey infrastructure development projects, with a focus on connecting established transportation assets, such as New Jersey Transit’s River Line, with last mile employment solutions to effectively reach ports, manufacturing, clean energy, sporting, and tourism destination employers.

Residential and Commercial Energy Efficiency

Increase the utilization of local, state, and federal energy efficiency programs and expand local knowledge of clean and renewable energy sources including solar, wind, geothermal, combined heat and power (CHP), and sustainable biomass. This work lowers energy costs, reduces electricity demand, decreases air pollutant emissions, and creates jobs for New Jersey stakeholders. These efforts offer education, outreach and financial incentives to residential, commercial businesses and industry and schools. 

Equity + Environmental Justice Center

US Offshore is a co-founding member of the Equity + Environmental Justice Center (EEJC).  The EEJC is a social equity collective of public-private partners dedicated to advancing equity and environmental justice through innovative funding strategies, corporate social responsibility, and placemaking initiatives.  EEJC partners include Burlington City-based LIFE / Four Corners Child Development Center, and New Jersey-based workforce and community development firms Technoforce and Chasing Winds. 

“To see this type of industry collaboration take place in our community within the City of Burlington is exactly what we need to expose the youth and general public to the endless possibilities for employment, reducing household expenses and even create the next generation of small business owners. We are eager to work with new public-private partners to elevate our work to continue to serve the community we’ve lived in for generations,” says Marguerite Romilus, Executive Director of Life / Four Corners Developmental Center.

“New Jersey has an assortment of large-scale economic development projects ranging from a 50% cut in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 and 80% by 2050, increased efforts to improve the quality of life within environmental justice communities and even hosting the FIFA World Cup in 2026 that will bring substantial workforce and contract opportunities. It takes working collaborations like this truly focused on New Jersey residents to make all of our goals into reality “says Local Content New Jersey State Director, Dwayne Wilkins.

New Jersey community, school, industry and government stakeholders looking to join US Offshore’s efforts can visit


About US Offshore

US Offshore was established to help service and connect the US and the growing subsea cable and marine construction needs of its renewable energy, infrastructure, and telecommunication sectors. Since its founding, US Offshore has leveraged its global OSW and telecommunications project experience to support community workforce development, supplier diversity, and other local content initiatives in the US.


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