U.S. Coalition of Black Women Businesses Presents The Ain’t I A Woman Legacy Award to Nassau County Deputy County Executive Anissa Moore.


Today was an extraordinary celebration of excellence and empowerment within the U.S. Coalition of Black Women Businesses. We had the immense honor and pleasure of presenting the esteemed #AintIAWoman Legacy Award to Deputy County Executive Anissa Moore.

In a gathering infused with unwavering admiration and deep respect, we celebrated Deputy County Executive Moore’s exceptional dedication to public service, her tireless advocacy for underrepresented communities, and her unwavering commitment to equality and justice.

🎉 Congratulations, Deputy County Executive Anissa Moore, on this well-deserved honor. 🎉 Today signifies a pivotal moment in acknowledging your remarkable contributions, serving as a testament to the strength of leadership grounded in compassion and devoted to uplifting every individual.


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