Statement by Offshore Wind California Applauding Announcement at COP28 Climate Summit that California is Joining the Global Offshore Wind Alliance


We applaud the announcement at the COP28 climate summit that California is joining the Global Offshore Wind
Alliance (GOWA). California has long been recognized as a climate and clean-energy leader on the world stage.
This action sends another strong signal that the Golden State is committed to being a global leader and hub for
floating offshore wind, with its nation-leading goal to generate 25 gigawatts (GW) by 2045.
By signing on to the GOWA, California is joining more than a dozen nations, supranational and subnational
members that have come together to achieve 2,000 GW of offshore wind power by 2050. This action underscores
California’s determination to go big on offshore wind to help meet its ambitious climate, clean-energy, and gridreliability goals, as well as generate new jobs and green growth. California is setting a course to make offshore
wind a key part of its diverse new clean-power portfolio to achieve 100% clean electricity by 2045.
We also look forward to seeing the state’s upcoming AB 525 offshore wind strategic plan, which the California
Energy Commission (CEC) is preparing with other state agencies to provide a detailed road map of the essential
next steps California must take to responsibly deploy offshore wind at scale. These include investments in
transmission and a multi-port strategy, an efficient and timely process for permitting, a robust supply chain and
workforce training, engaging key stakeholders, and identifying suitable sea space to reach the state’s offshore
wind goals.

Adam Stern, Executive Director, Offshore Wind California (OWC), a
trade group of offshore wind developers and technology companies


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