State Of Long Island


Presented by This Is Long Island

Dive deep into the heart of Long Island’s most pressing matters at the “State of Long Island” event. Held in the opulent Savoy Room of Melville, this gathering promises an illuminating evening of discourse and vision-sharing. Beginning at 7:00 pm, attendees will have the unique opportunity to engage with a diverse panel of experts who stand at the forefront of Renewable Energy, Housing, Business, Workforce Development, Finance, and Cultural affairs.

Moderated by the charismatic Samantha “Sam Law” Lawson, renowned for her mission to uplift the voices of Gen-Z and Millennials, the panel boasts leaders and visionaries, each bringing a wealth of knowledge from their respective domains. From the intricacies of offshore wind development and labor relations to the broader strokes of global diversity, economic planning, and financial advisory, every topic promises insights, solutions, and future-forward thinking.

This event, by “This Long Island Media” and “Spin the Yard,” ensures attendees leave not just informed, but inspired. In a world where change is constant, “State of Long Island” aims to equip its attendees with the knowledge, connections, and perspective to shape Long Island’s future for the better. Whether you’re a business leader, community advocate, or a resident passionate about the Island’s prospects, this gathering is a must-attend. Dress in your smartest business attire and join us for an evening of enlightenment and empowerment.

🎙 Meet the Speakers:

Sam Law (Moderator)

Samantha Lawson, the vibrant voice behind the “That’s Sam Law Show,” amplifies the narrative of the younger generation. An entrepreneur, TEDx speaker, model, community beacon, and the spirit behind Yung Hip Professionals Inc. With a foundation in psychology and mental health counseling, Sam’s mission goes beyond media, fostering positive change in communities through her charity.

Andrea Bonilla

Navigating the vast domain of offshore wind, Andrea is at the forefront of community outreach, economic growth, and the delicate balance of public and governmental relations. A dynamic voice in social media and a torchbearer in labor relations.

Andrea De Loney

As the Global Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Program Manager at Warner Music Group, Andrea is orchestrating a symphony of inclusivity, ensuring that every note, every voice, is heard.

John Schneidawin

From the bustling Port of Albany to Suffolk County’s strategic corridors, John infuses his business acumen into crafting strategic pathways. His legacy? Exponential organizational growth and pioneering economic visions.

Elzie Ross

Charting financial waters with confidence, Elzie, the Vice President at Equitable Advisors, is a beacon for those seeking financial clarity and robust strategies.

Mariah Dignan

Building bridges between labor, academia, and the community, Mariah champions a harmonious future at National Grid Ventures. Her expertise in labor relations and negotiations ensures that businesses and workers find common ground.


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