Osric Offshore Wind | New York


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Local Content Certification Level: Gold

Nature of Work: Offshore Wind

Project Name: Osric Offshore Wind

Developer/Prime: 50/50 Joint Venture – Martin Development Group LLC and Ralph Enterprises

Client: Ralph County Government

Location: New York

Project Overview

Along the windswept coasts of New York, Osric Offshore Wind emerges as a pioneering venture, harnessing the boundless power of the Atlantic to illuminate the Empire State. Imagine a skyline dotted not just with skyscrapers, but with majestic wind turbines, their sleek blades slicing through the air with a promise of sustainable energy. This ambitious project, pioneered by a coalition of visionaries and environmental stewards, paints a remarkable picture of renewable innovation. Offshore platforms rise from the waves, home to state-of-the-art turbines that stand like sentinels, capturing the potent gusts of the Atlantic.

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