New York State’s 10-Point Action Plan to Expand a Thriving Large-Scale Renewable Industry


NYSERDA announced the release of a new 10-Point Action Plan to expand and support the growing large-scale renewable energy industry in New York, reaffirming the State’s commitment to achieving the Climate Act goals. The plan outlines a comprehensive set of actions being taken to lay the foundation for a sustainable future for all New Yorkers through the expansion of the State’s growing clean energy economy and renewable energy sector.

The 10-point Action Plan released today details a series of benchmarks and activities slated for the coming months, offering insight into how the Governor’s Administration plans to overcome recent macroeconomic and inflationary challenges that have impacted the renewable energy sector.

Action 1: In the near future, NYSERDA will announce a historic suite of awards comprised of offshore and onshore renewable energy projects, along with major supply chain investments. These awards will mark one of the largest-ever renewable energy procurements by any state to date and will demonstrate New York State’s commitment to supporting renewable energy projects and promoting large-scale renewables.

Action 2: NYSERDA will address the directives issued in the October 2023 Public Service Commission (PSC) Order and will assess the impacts on its large-scale renewables contracted portfolio in an expedited manner.

Action 3: NYSERDA will launch an accelerated renewable energy procurement process for both offshore and onshore renewable energy projects, aiming to backfill any contracted projects which are terminated. The process will be guided by core principles, including prioritizing competition, simplifying bid requirements, incorporating inflation indexing, applying critical labor protections and collaborating with industry to optimize the accelerated procurement timing, all while coordinating with ongoing transmission planning initiatives.

Action 4: New York will continue to actively engage with the Federal government to bring forward market solutions, from establishing a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Loan Programs Office to access low-cost financing for large-scale renewable projects, to advocating for updated guidance on clean energy tax credits and a Federal-State revenue-sharing program.

Action 5: New York is investing in, and actively planning, a historic buildout of transmission infrastructure across the state including $4.4 billion in 62 local transmission projects to support clean energy integration in upstate areas; $4.1 billion in transmission upgrades to integrate offshore wind and increase reliability for Long Island and New York City; soliciting additional solutions to meet New York City’s offshore wind transmission needs; and collaborating with other states and federal agencies on interregional transmission to reduce costs.

Action 6: New York is supporting the establishment and growth of a supply chain ecosystem to help the market scale, gain efficiencies, and reduce costs. The state is investing $700 million in offshore wind supply chain infrastructure while also working with other states and federal agencies to collaborate and reduce costs through a shared vision for a U.S. supply chain.

Action 7: New York is committed to building and expanding its clean energy workforce. NYSERDA has thus far committed more than $170 million for workforce development and training initiatives, which prioritizes benefitting priority populations, disadvantaged communities, and transitioning fossil fuel workers to clean energy careers. Starting in 2024, the New York Power Authority (NYPA) will further reinforce this commitment by contributing up to $25 million annually to the Department of Labor for renewable energy job training, ensuring a Just Transition for energy workers. Moreover, NYSERDA is at the forefront of prioritizing workforce development, inclusion, and equity within New York’s large scale renewables industry.

Action 8: New York launched the Offshore Wind Master Plan 2.0 in 2022, which will provide a plan for the future of offshore wind development, including in deeper waters, that will allow for the expansion of the industry and ability to meet regional development targets. By planning for and seeking an increase in available lease areas, New York would expand access to necessary offshore areas to host projects, increase competition in the market and widen the pool of developers, while introducing new ideas and innovations to reduce costs.

Action 9: New York is actively engaging with industry stakeholders and will increase such outreach following the PSC order through roundtable discussions to receive input in shaping our clean energy strategy.

Action 10: New York is deeply committed to fostering public engagement, transparency, and collaboration recognizing the importance of involving various stakeholders in shaping our clean energy initiatives.


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