Local Content Certification: Grant | Offshore Wind Pre-Apprenticeship Training | New Jersey (Ivy Hill Neighborhood Association and Technoforce)


Local Content Certification Level: Gold | In Progress

Service Area: Ivy Hill Neighborhood | Newark, New Jersey

Grant Purpose: Offshore wind workforce development

Grant Awardee: Ivy Hill Neighborhood Association / Technoforce

Grantor: New Jersey Economic Development Association (NJEDA)

Project Overview

Offshore Wind Pre-Apprenticeship Training is a 120-hour program focused on empowering neighborhood residents to prepare for skills-based careers in the offshore wind industry and offers comprehensive training encompassing basic computer skills, mathematics, language proficiency, foundational electrical theory, career development, job readiness, and effective test-taking strategies. Additionally, participants will engage in virtual reality training, gaining hands-on experience in the real-time maintenance and repair of wind turbines.

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