Business Network for Offshore Wind changes name to Oceantic Network


The Business Network for Offshore Wind announced recently that is has changed its name to Oceantic Network.

The Baltimore-based organization whose goal is to accelerate offshore wind energy development and build a dedicated domestic supply chain, said the rebranding reinforces the group’s strategic commitment to convene stakeholders in all ocean-based sources of renewable power, leveraging members’ expertise and investments in developing offshore wind capabilities.

“Changing our name is an opportunity to refresh our messages, introduce our organization to new potential members, and inspire more stakeholders to look to the oceans for efficient, reliable renewable energy,” Liz Burdock, president and CEO of Oceantic said in a statement. “Our new name — Oceantic Network — symbolizes the broadening of the network’s scope and strategy, extending our members’ leadership in offshore wind to encompass multiple sources of sustainable ocean power that build off of offshore wind.”

As Oceantic Network, the nonprofit organization will continue to host the International Partnering Forum (IPF) — an annual conference of offshore wind stakeholders. Under the Oceantic Network banner, IPF will continue to convene federal and state agencies, manufacturers, workforce advocates, scientists, engineers and maritime operators that develop, harness and connect ocean clean energy.

With its expanded focus, the Oceantic Network also launched a new website,, where individuals can read through FAQs and learn about the Network’s updated mission.

In a message published today, Burdock stated, “Our members recognize that the oceans — whose winds they have devoted a decade to harnessing — hold a far greater store of energy than previous generations ever imagined. In addition to the stronger, more sustained winds over the oceans, the ocean’s waves, tides, billions of surface acreage for gathering solar power, and the awesome innovations of green hydrogen all create new possibilities for economic activity, jobs, and abundant clean energy.”


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