Best of Clean Energy Local Content

Local Content has been devoted to elevating efforts to advance the use of local services, products, workforce, community benefit investments and meaningful stakeholder engagement within the clean energy industry. The Best of Clean Energy Local Content is our annual awards that communicates to ratepayers, regulators and industry peers that your organization truly means businesses. Once an organization applies for the recognition, the top applicants per category will compete in a 2.5 month long public vote to determine who are the Best of Clean Energy Local Content.

Every applicant will submit their entry by industry category

1-Industry Category:

  • Developer and Owner/Operators
  • OEM and Manufacturers
  • Construction, Architecture, and Engineering 
  • Finance, Law and Insurance
  • Healthcare
  • Tourism, Sports and Entertainment
  • Start-Ups and Tech
  • Non-Profits,
  • Public Relations and Marketing
  • Academics, Government

2-Local Content Evaluation Point Structure

  • Supply Chain (25 points): Recognizing clean energy efforts that demonstrate outstanding practices throughout their supply chain, directly advancing contracting products and services from local, small, and diverse businesses.
  • Workforce Development(25 points): Recognizing clean energy efforts fostering skills development and career pathways in the clean energy sector.
  • Community Benefit Investments (25 points): Recognizing clean energy community benefit investments showcasing organizations that make meaningful contributions to local communities through philanthropic initiatives, job creation, and infrastructure development.
  • Stakeholder Engagement (25 points): Recognizing clean energy efforts acknowledging leaders who excel in building strong relationships with stakeholders, including government agencies, NGOs, and local communities, to drive positive change.

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