2024 Wind-Win Startup Showdown | Offshore Wind Innovation Hub

Step into the Innovative Future of Offshore Wind: A Celebratory Evening with the Finalists for the Offshore Wind Innovation Hub Accelerator! 

Wednesday, May 15 – 5:30 PM – 9:00 PM

Brooklyn Grange @ Sunset Park | Kings County, New York

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Do you want to connect with the next wave of emerging offshore wind innovations? Take part in the Wind-Win Startup Showdown pitch event presented by the Offshore Wind Innovation Hub and hosted at the Brooklyn Grange Rooftop Farm — a sustainable urban farm in Sunset Park that provides unique opportunities for open-air networking and breathtaking skyline views. 

An unparalleled opportunity to engage with the leading offshore wind innovators who are propelling the industry forward with novel tech solutions. 

​Innovation in Focus 

​The event will showcase interactive lightning pitches from our selected accelerator finalists from around the globe, presented live in front of you and to our esteemed jury of industry experts. This will act as part of the final evaluation process for the 2024 Offshore Wind Innovation Hub Accelerator cohort. 

​This festive evening will offer you the opportunity to engage directly with the finalists and gain insights into the next wave of cutting-edge ideas shaping the future of offshore wind.


  • ​Drinks & Welcome Remarks
  • ​Jury Introduction 
  • ​Keynote Speech
  • ​Startup Lightning Pitches
  • Networking & Refreshments 

Meet our Finalists 

  • Boxkite Software (Bristol, UK) – Accurate energy yield analysis in minutes to assess site feasibility and design
  • Claviate (Aarhus, DK) – Visual data platform enabled by AI cameras for process optimization of management, construction, and reporting
  • Indeximate (Hinckley, UK) – Fibre optic sensing for predictive maintenance of subsea power cables by remotely profiling integrity and condition
  • MESPAC (Turin, IT) – Intelligence platform delivering accurate, continuous, and spatially-refined metocean data powered by satellites and AI
  • Pict Offshore (Inverkeithing, UK) – Integrated heave compensated personnel and cargo transfer solution for safer access from crew transfer vessel
  • Pliant Energy Systems (Brooklyn, US) – Autonomous underwater vehicle with robotic propulsion technology enabling new seafloor surveying capabilities
  • ReynKo (Brooklyn, US) – Predictive software solutions for turbulent fluid flows to optimize farm design and layout 
  • Sensatek (Daytona Beach, US) – Structural health monitoring by using video images where every pixel is a vibration sensor
  • Terra Watts (Brooklyn, US) – Long-distance subsurface wireless power and communication transmission technology
  • Triton Anchor (Boston, US) – Modular fabrication and high-uplift capacity floating wind anchor allowing for any mooring configuration

Meet our Jury

​Each of our Offshore Wind Innovation Hub partners has sent their most experienced innovation experts to help us evaluate the pitches.

Also on Stage:


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