Sports, Entertainment and Leisure Division

Local Content’s Sports, Entertainment, and Leisure Division delivers comprehensive solutions in economic development, workforce development, community benefit investments, and stakeholder engagement. These efforts are designed to benefit industry, residents, small/diverse businesses, nonprofits, and to achieve local content regulatory compliance to meet project development goals.

Economic Development

We conducts market analyses and public sentiment assessments to identify opportunities and opposition for your projects development. By developing strategic plans and facilitating public-private partnerships, it helps attract investments, promote sustainable growth, and enhance the use of local small/diverse businesses to comply with procurement, contact, grant and tax incentive programs. We innovate revenue generation of premium experiences and sponsorships.

Workforce Development

We provide skills assessments and design training programs tailored to industry needs. These initiatives, developed in collaboration with educational institutions and industry partners, aim to equip the local workforce with the necessary skills for employment and career advancement in the sports and entertainment sectors. Special programs focus on supporting small and diverse businesses to ensure inclusive participation.

Community Benefit Investments

Focusing on community engagement, we implement outreach programs that raise awareness about career opportunities and promote inclusivity and diversity. Investments in community projects ensure that residents and local businesses benefit directly from sports and entertainment developments, enhancing local quality of life.

Stakeholder Engagement

We ensure effective stakeholder engagement by coordinating with government agencies, private companies, and community organizations. It also helps clients navigate local content regulations, ensuring compliance and maximizing local economic contributions.

Division Leadership

Tenicka Chaney, Director

Sports, Entertainment and Leisure Division