Seeking Employment x Local Content: Meet Alaa Ahmed | PhD Candidate in Ocean Engineering


We had the pleasure of meeting Alaa at the New Jersey Offshore Wind Technology Conference and Exhibition at New Jersey Institute of Technology. This event aims to provide a platform for NJ industry, government, and academia to network and carry out knowledge exchange. Students presented their latest research results on offshore wind and publish in peer-reviewed journals. This event also contains a career exhibition that will help students, graduates, and working professionals to find job opportunities.

Alaa Ahmed is a PhD Candidate in Ocean Engineering At Stevens Institute of Technology |Davidson Laboratory.

Local Content Is Alaa Ahmed….

Local Content: What type of work are you looking to apply for in the market?

Alaa Ahmed: I am seeking positions related to CFD, hydrodynamics, energy harvesting, and offshore wind turbines. My expertise lies in research, development, and optimization, particularly in the fields of wave energy converters, aerodynamics, and hydrodynamics.

LC: What markets are you interested to live in?

AA: I’m open to opportunities in various markets given my diverse background and international education. I am particularly interested in sectors that focus on renewable energy, aerospace, and research and development.

LC:What inspired you to go into the line of work you are aspiring to get into?

AA: My career is inspired by a passion for renewable energy, aerodynamics, and optimizing energy systems. I am committed to contributing to sustainable technologies, as reflected in my work on the design and optimization of wave energy converters.

LC: What have been some of the greatest failures you have experienced and lessons learned in your professional journey

AA: While I can’t mention specific failures, I have faced challenges in my professional journey. These experiences have taught me valuable lessons in adaptation, resilience, and the importance of continuous learning and improvement.

LC: Knowing what you know now, what would you tell yourself in high school about life choices in education and career?

AA: If I could advise my high school self, I would recommend exploring a variety of engineering disciplines early on. I would emphasize the importance of gaining practical experience through internships and projects to complement academic learning and consider the diverse paths within the field of engineering.

LC: Whats are the 3 things most important to you for your quality of life?

AA: The top priorities for my quality of life include job satisfaction, honesty, and physical and mental health.


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