Our Brands

Local Content is the parent company that owns and operates several brands (including localcontent.com) deploying market solutions focued on the single purpose of the utlization of local goods, services, workforce and communitity benefit investments that engineer equity for all. Visit any of our brands below to learn more.

LocalContent.com is a bespoke platform the provides the measurement, reporting and compliance of the utilization of local goods, services, workforce, community benefit investments and stakeholder engagement. LocalContent.com is home of our Local Content Certitcation that provides responsive and transparent local content reporting for both local residents and regulators.

The National Supplier Diversity Institute ™ is a B2B/B2G marketplace made up of both for profit and non profit organizations that advances economic development pathways and local content compliance for suppliers and public-private buyers.

National Clean Energy Local Content Summit provides a comprehensive main-stage focus on advancing local content innovation within the clean energy industry. Summit attendees receive exclusive insights from experts and industry connections to support local content, supply chain, workforce, government compliance, stakeholder engagement, and community investment efforts for immediate and future clean energy goals.

Clean Energy Local Exchange are hyper-local physical locations anchored with local content specialists that co-work with community-based partners to deliver industry translation, recruitment, and education of the economic, environmental, and social benefits of our nation’s clean energy transition to local stakeholders. In addition, through legacy and digital media, amplify the voices of local residents to shape the clean energy industry. 50% of locations will be based within environmental justice communities within rural, suburban, and urban markets.

Sports Power Clean Energy meets youth and families where they are. Our clean-energy education sessions expose youth, coaches, and parents to clean-energy lifestyles and careers. Immediately after completing their hands-on clean energy projects, participating youth engage in professionally coached sports practices, camps, and clinics. Our clean energy curriculum is nationally recognized and serves as a catalyst to advance an equitable clean energy transition for all.