Local Content GO

Local Content GO (Growth Opportunities) is an educational program tailored for local communities and small/diverse businesses seeking to comprehend, navigate, and directly benefit from the outcomes of local content compliance requirements within infrastructure industries.

This course will demystify complex compliance regulations, empower local stakeholders with actionable strategies, and foster reciprocal relationships with industry and government. Through interactive modules, real-world case studies, and hands-on exercises, participants will comprehensively understand local content policies to improve the quality of life for local stakeholders.


6-Hour Course: 1 Day | (10am – 5pm) or 2 Days (6pm – 9pm)

Subject Options

  • Clean Energy/Offshore Wind, Maritime/Ports, Manufacturing
  • Commercial Real Estate.

Curriculum Overview

Part 1: Introduction to Local Content and Its Impact on Quality of Life

  • Understanding the significance of local content in offshore wind, clean energy, manufacturing, construction, and maritime/ports.
  • Exploring the direct and indirect impact of infrastructure projects on local communities.
  • Recognizing the potential for improved quality of life through effective local content alignment

Part 2: Navigating Local Content Requirements Across Multiple Industries (State Specific Mandates i.e. climate change laws)

  • In-depth exploration of local content regulations in offshore wind, clean energy, manufacturing, construction, and maritime/ports.
  • Identifying key compliance areas and understanding industry-specific nuances
  • Strategies for small/diverse companies to navigate and comply with complex regulations

Part 4: Building Inclusive Partnerships for Sustainable Infrastructure

  • Establishing collaborative connections with industry partners, suppliers, and local communities.
  • Promoting diversity and inclusion in procurement, subcontracting, and workforce development.
  • Implementing strategies to ensure infrastructure projects positively impact the well-being of local residents.

Part 5: Case Studies and Practical Application for Improved Quality of Life

  • Analyzing successful local content compliance case studies in offshore wind, clean energy, manufacturing, construction, and maritime/ports
  • Hands-on exercises applying compliance strategies to real-world scenarios with a focus on enhancing local quality of life
  • Group discussions on promoting social and economic well-being through infrastructure development

Module 6: Overcoming Challenges, Adapting to Change and Compliance Reporting

  • Identifying common challenges in local content compliance
  • Strategies for overcoming obstacles
  • Best practices to establish and monitor local content compliance with industry stakeholder for community accountability.