Introducing Principal Deputy Director Tamia N. Gordon | Office of Energy Justice and Equity (EJE)


The question is no longer, “Should justice and equity be a part of the energy transition?” Rather, it is, “How can justice and equity be embedded in the energy system? What are the rules of engagement? What are the standards, and who should be at the table?”  

Shalanda Baker would like to think that these changes in the conversation are driven by the work done at the Office of Energy Justice and Equity (EJE). During her time as Director, the office more than tripled its justice-driven staff and introduced dozens of policies and tools to help communities that have suffered under the legacy America’s fossil-energy-based energy system.

But the recent departure of Director Baker is not an end to that work. Rather, it forges a path forward for those who have been excluded from the energy system and creates opportunities where they can participate fully in the clean energy transition that benefits all Americans.

With that, please welcome Tamia N. Gordon to the EJE family as the Principal Deputy Director and Acting Director of the Office of Energy Justice and Equity.  

In her current role, Principal Deputy Director Gordon develops policies and supports participation of minority-serving businesses, communities, and educational institutions in the energy sector. She also helps to drive Departmental initiatives related to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, workforce and economic development, and climate awareness.

“In my first few weeks here, I have seen the Pride flag raising, celebrated Juneteenth, and taken part in DOE’s Pride Month Observance,” Acting Director Gordon said. “Each of these things is an opportunity to build bridges to other communities and other agencies, and I see many more chances to build more bridges on the horizon.”

Prior to her current role, Acting Director Gordon was Deputy Vice Chairman and a Veterans Law Judge at the Department of Veterans Affairs, leading a team of 375 Veterans Law Judges, attorneys, and professional administrative staff dedicated to resolving Veteran appeals regarding eligibility for service-connected benefits. For the decade prior, Acting Director Gordon was appointed to the Federal Administrative Law bench in several Chief Judge roles.

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