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Meeting and exceeding local content requirements have become a standard practice across industries by government and industry. Local community stakeholders within your project areas want to know:

  • How many and what are the types of full-time jobs you are creating?
  • How many local small/diverse businesses are being utilized with their services and goods?
  • Are community benefit investments benefiting their immediate community?
  • Is the industry proactively giving local stakeholders a safe space to provide feedback to shape and support a project?

Looking to expand your reach, visibility and local content compliance in the ever-evolving public-private landscape? Look no further than partnering with us! We offer a unique platform that connects you with a diverse and engaged audience composed of local residents, industry, and governments. Our website is a trusted source for local content compliance and public communication to

  • Satisfy your current local content requirements (LCR)
  • Advance attracting new business because of your publicly documented local content achievements.

Join hands with us and let’s embark on a journey to captivate, inform, and inspire together. Partner with LocalContent today and experience the power of Local Content!

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